About Us

Who is Organized Gaming?

Organized Gaming started as a passion project to a group of gamer's looking for a community to play with. In 2015, we launched as an online Dota 2 league offering semi-competitive gamer's a league to play for glory, and not cash.

Since then we've discovered that Esports is more than cash or glory. After years of interacting with players, streamers, organizers and more, we found a strong need to tell compelling stories beyond just news and coverage. There are SO many who have been grinding for years to turn gaming into more than a hobby. All that hard work begs for  recognition, and we're here to deliver.

Our focus is on telling the stories that get forgotten. On the lifestyle beyond the screens. The intense grind, the long weekends and the camaraderie that it builds. 

Everyday we are moved by the passion of the gaming community. The passion to chase your dreams and live a life that's authentic to you.

Keep that fire burning and stay #PassionForward.